Silkeborg Mural - November 2018

My second mural Painted in the middle of Søndergade. The original design was a little different but due to my time being cut in half and only having 7 days and a hard deadline had to make a coupe compromises,… still happy with what i was able to create and learnt alot! looking forward to painting more walls, hopefully wont be too long until my next one.

Bird Mural in Aarhus - September 2018

This massive 20 meter mural is located on Skolegade in the back yard of a cafe and apartment complex and was commissioned by the owners of the building who thought it could be fun to have a mural for the residents that live in the apartments opposite. As it was my first large mural using spray paint I had my good friend and extremely talented artist Bogdan Scutaru to help show me the ropes and teach me how its done. I learned a lot from the process and really happy with the results.


Radikale Venstre Painting - April 2019

Aarhus havnebadet wall - July 2018

Mural commissioned by the city as part of the harbor baths in Aarhus. A really great area with lots of cool designed structures and activity’s. The mural has a viking theme and is hand painted on aluminum sheets located at the beach volley bally court. If your in the area and fancy a dip in the sea or maybe a beer and some street food in the sun i do recommend;)

Lego Mural/Video project - March 2018

So this was a fun one, although very nerve racking and stressful at times. I was asked to take part in a Lego youtube Video and paint a mural to promote there Creator line of toys, what i was not aware of at the time was the amount I would be involved in the actual video. The video its self featured two talented young youtubers and fellow Brits who were tasked to find the 3 elements that would be featured in the final Mural. Everything had to be as real an authentic as possible so the choosing of the elements happened the first day of the shoot an I literally had 24 hours to create the design and then 4 days to paint it. After the mural was painted it was transported to the skate park were we added the clear lego building sheets to the wall and built on top of the mural creating a really cool unique piece of Lego art. If you are interested in the video follow the link and hopefully its not too cringe;)


Decoration of 2 old bus stops for the city of Horsens - 2017